The validation time of an SSL depends on the type of certificate you chose to buy.

Domain Validated certificates are issued within 3-5 minutes in 99% of the cases. Only when an SSL Certificate is requested for a domain name that contains a trademark or a brand name, then those SSL Certificates may pass brand validation, and can take up to a business day to be issued.

Business Validated certificates are usually issued within 1-3 business days.

Extended Validated certificates can take between 1-7 business days to be issued. The Certificate Authority does its part of the work very quickly. If all the information is provided to the Certificate Authority quickly and correctly, then the Certificate Authority can issue the EV certificate within 1 business day. We’ve seen situations when the EV Certificate was issued within a few hours. The 1-7 days period depends on how quickly the customer provides the required information to the Certificate Authority, and how quickly the customer responds to the Certificate Authority’s potential requests for additional information.

By doing the Validation process, the Certificate Authority’s is trying to confirm that you are the owner of the domain, and that the company that you are requesting a Business Validation or Extended Validation certificate for is active. That is why it is important that you keep your company’s records (address and phone number) up to date and you promptly respond to the Certificate Authority’s requests.