This extensive guide provides step by step instructions on how to install an SSL Certificate on Google Cloud Platform. For users who haven’t ordered an SSL Certificate yet, the tutorial also explains how to generate a CSR code right from your Google Cloud Platform Account. On top of that, you’ll also learn a few interesting facts about Google Cloud Platform, as well as discover the best place to shop for SSL Certificates.

If you’ve already generated the CSR code, or aren’t interested in Google Cloud Platform history, you can use the anchor links below to jump between different sections.

Generate a CSR Code on Google Cloud Platform
Install an SSL Certificate on Google Cloud Platform
Test your SSL installation
Google Cloud Platform history
Where to buy the best SSL Certificate for Google Cloud Platform?

Generate a CSR Code on Google Cloud Platform

You can’t get an SSL Certificate without generating a CSR code first. CSR stands for Certificate Signing Request, a block of encoded text with applicant’s details inside. The Certificate Authority uses the CSR code to verify and confirm domain and company identity.

You can create your CSR request straight from your Google Cloud Platform Account via the Google Cloud Shell. However, this built-in command line console is only available if you’ve created a Project in your account. To create a project and enable the Cloud Shell, please follow Google’s official guide.

After you enable the Console, follow the steps below to generate your CSR code:

  1. Open the console by clicking the right side Activate Google Cloud Shell button from the top menu bar
  2. The console window will pop up at the bottom of your page with the current user’s home directory (/home/user). You can generate the CSR request in the default directory or any other location of your choice
  3. Run the command below to create your CSR:
    openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout yourdomain.key -out yourdomain.csr

    Note: You should replace the yourdomain value with your real domain name.

  4. Next, you have to submit your contact information. Please enter the data as shown in examples below:
    • Country Name: type the two-letter abbreviation code of the country where your business is legally registered (e.g., US). You can find all the country codes
    • State or Province: provide the name of the state or region where your company is located (e.g., Washington)
    • City or Locality: enter the City where your company is registered (e.g., Seattle)
    • Organization Name: submit the full name of your organization. If you have a Domain Validation SSL certificate, you can put NA instead
    • Organizational Unit Name: type NA for Domain Validation certs; otherwise, indicate the department in charge of web security (e.g., IT)
    • Common Name: provide the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) you want to secure. For example, If you have a Wildcard SSL Certificate, add an asterisk in front of your domain name (e.g., *
    • Email address: provide a valid email address
    • A challenge password and An optional company name: skip these fields. Press enter to leave them blank
  5. Double check the info you’ve just submitted and press Enter. The command will generate your CSR code (csr file), along with your private key (yourdomain.key file)
  6. You can now copy-paste the content of your CSR file including the —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—- and —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—-tags during your SSL Certificate order
  7. As for the private key file, you will need it during the SSL installation. Please, save it in a safe directory.

Install an SSL Certificate on Google Cloud Platform

After the CA signs your certificate and sends the files to your inbox, you can proceed with the installation.

First, you need to prepare all the necessary SSL files.

Extract the certificate files from the ZIP archive, sent by your Certificate Authority or SSL vendor. The ZIP archive should contain the following files:

  • Yourdomain.crt
  • Yourdomain.p7b

You’ll need only the files highlighted in bold text to install an SSL Certificate on Google Cloud. Follow the steps below to complete your installation:

  1. Log into your Google Cloud account.
  2. On the top menu, click the Product and Services button (left side) and select App Engine.
  3. From the App Engine menu, select Settings, and then the SSL Certificate
  4. Now, click the Upload a new certificate
  5. The Add a new SSL Certificate window will open. Here you can upload your certificate and private key files, or alternatively, paste the certificate and private key codes
  6. Click the “PEM encoded X.509 public key certificate” browse button to upload your certificate file, or past the code manually in the corresponding box
    • If you select the upload option, you’ll need a combined certificate file containing both your primary cert (yourdomain.crt) and the ca-bundle codes ( Here’s the correct sequence of the combined certificate file: yourdomain.crt followed by right below, with no extra spaces
    • If you choose to paste the codes manually, paste the yourdomain.crt contents first, and then the codes
  7. In the Unencrypted PEM encoded RSA private key box, paste the contents of your private key, or use the upload button to import your private key file. You’ve generated the private key along with your CSR, and you should find it in the same directory as the CSR file
  8. Click Upload to import your SSL certificate file to Google Cloud
  9. Your final sept is to enable the SSL Certificate for the domain name you want to secure. On the Settings page, navigate to Enable SSL for the following custom domains and select your domain name.

Congratulations, now you know how to install an SSL Certificate on Google Cloud Platform.

Test your SSL installation

After you install an SSL Certificate on Google Cloud Platform, your next step is to check your new installation for potential errors and vulnerabilities. We recommend these high-end SSL tools for instant scans and reports on the state of your SSL Certificate and its configuration.

Google Cloud Platform History

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google. Similar to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of products.

First released in 2008, Google Cloud Platform provides over 90 services including computing, storage and databases, networking, Cloud AI, management tools, IoT, identity and security, etc.

Google Cloud Platform is available worldwide in 17 regions and 52 zones across Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia.

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