Organization Validation (OV) Code Signing Certificates

Buy an OV Code Signing Certificate at a Great Price

Any unverified program or app could potentially harm the end users. Protecting your code, brand, and customers is a top priority, and nothing does it better than an Organization Validation Code Signing certificate.

Buy an OV Code Signing Certificate today and let your apps and executables bring uninterrupted value to customers.

What is an OV Code Signing Certificate?

An OV Code Signing certificate is a small file that digitally signs scripts, executables, programs, and apps to protect them against code tampering, phishing, and other cyber threats. Organization Validation Code Signing Certificates are issued by a third-party Certificate Authority entrusted to verify and validate the legal name and status of the applicant company.

As a result, the final customers can see the legal entity behind the software and download the apps or programs with confidence. Moreover, a Code Signing OV certificate brings universal compatibility with most systems, being a necessity for all startups and companies that launch software applications.

How does an OV Code Signing Certificate work?

An OV Code Signing certificate relies on state-of-the-art technology and guidelines known as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to protect your software. On top of that, universally trusted third-party Certificate Authorities verify and validate your identity before issuing the Code Signing cert.

Code Signing certificates enable software adoption across multiple platforms and ensure users download the original, unaltered code and product. Without an OV Code Signing certificate, your apps and programs won’t pass the security and trust filters on many clients and operating systems. Instead of smoothly downloading your goods, users will receive a notification about the unknown publisher and the dangers of such apps.

A Code Signing OV certificate authenticates your code (Content Source Authentication) and confirms it’s genuine (Content Integrity). An OV Code Signing Certificate secures various apps, scripts, and code. Here are just a few of them:

  • freeware
  • middleware;
  • shareware;
  • enterprise applications;
  • device drivers;
  • configuration files;

You can get a cheap OV Code Signing certificate in 1 to 7 business days, or even faster with an LEI code.

Benefits of OV Code Signing Certificates

OV Code Signing Certificates keep the entire digital apps ecosystem flourishing, helping companies and customers avoid dangerous cyber threats. Here’s why you should get a Code Signing OV certificate:

Undeniable Trust and Code Integrity

OV Code Signing certificates confirm that your executable programs are legitimate and safe. Checked extensively by a reliable Certificate Authority, your legal details are transparent and on public display.

Organization Validation

Any startup, company, or enterprise can get an OV code signing certificate within a few days after the CA validates its legal status. Being betted by a third-party CA is the ultimate indicator of trustworthiness and safety.

Excellent Customer Experience

Your code-signed applications are available for instant download on various platforms and systems. Customers can download and use them with confidence and peace of mind. No unexpected security warnings and triggers, just pure user experience.

Universal Compatibility

Code signing certificates work seamlessly on most popular desktop and mobile platforms, including popular brands such as Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Apple, Firefox, and more.

Better reputation and revenue

Organization Validation Code Signing certificates enhance your brand presence, conversion rates, and revenues. A cheap OV Code Signing certificate is an essential element that turns your digital products into reliable solutions for your customers.