Sectigo Organization Validation (OV) Certificates

Buy a Sectigo OV SSL Certificate at a Great Price

Sectigo Organization Validation certificates are ideal for e-commerce platforms and official businesses seeking to encrypt their websites. Available as a single domain, wildcard, and multi-domain option, Sectigo OV certs secure sensitive data and boost customer trust. Check the products below and buy a Sectigo OV certificate suitable for your needs.

The Best Sectigo OV SSL Certificates

Sectigo OV SSL certificates verify and validate your business identity. If you’re an online merchant, an emerging startup, or an NGO, get a cheap Sectigo OV certificate to protect customer data and comply with the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements.

One Domain Sectigo OV Certificates

One Domain OV Sectigo Certificates are the perfect choice to encrypt an online store or a medium-sized business website. On top of impenetrable encryption, they authenticate your legal status and confirm your trustworthiness. And, with extra features like a dynamic site seal plus an SSL warranty, your security goes to another level.

Wildcard (One domain & All Subdomains) Sectigo OV Certificates

Wildcard OV certificates secure one business domain and unlimited subdomains under a single SSL installation. Sectigo is renowned for its range of OV Wildcard SSL certificates. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have funds for a premium option , Sectigo wildcard certificates cover all your validation and security needs.

Multiple Domains (SAN & UCC) Sectigo OV Certificates

Multi-Domain Sectigo Organization Validation certificates secure multiple business websites under one SSL installation. You can encrypt up to 250 SANs without getting another certificate and save precious time and resources in the process. Sectigo Multi-Domain OV certs include generous warranties and dynamic site seals to enhance your brand and customer trust.

Multi-Domain Wildcard Sectigo OV Certificates

Do you run a complex network of business websites? Thanks to Sectigo’s OV multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate, you can protect all your domains and subdomains with just one certificate. It’s cost-effective and time-efficient. Get organization validation and unbreakable encryption at a fraction of the cost. There’s no need to buy separate certificates when you can streamline SSL management with a single multi-domain wildcard certificate.

IP Address Sectigo OV Certificates

With an IP address Sectigo Certificate, you can secure a public IP instead of a domain name. One of the few providers to offer an IP address SSL cert, Sectigo’s unbeatable price and business validation help organizations meet their IP needs.Get an IP address SSL certificate today and avoid browsers’ security warnings.