Extended Validation Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL Multi-Domain Certificate secures multiple domains and enables the famous EV on all of them. A single Multi-Domain EV SSL Certificate can ensure the highest level of customer trust on up to 250 domains.

It’s the ultimate SSL solution for companies of all sizes that have several websites in their portfolio. Besides bringing the highest web security standards, an EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate reduces the workload of the IT department. With a one-time installation and renewal, the configuring and monitoring all the websites is quick and easy. Not to mention the money it saves down the line.

Instead of buying separate EV certificates for each of your sites and go over the budget, you can secure them all with a Multi-Domain EV SSL certificate and spend more on marketing or development.  Once you add an EV Multi-Domain cert to your websites, it works flawlessly until it expires. Your customer’s sensitive information is safe, while your reputation skyrockets.

What is Extended Validation?

Extended Validation SSL

Extended Validation SSL Certificates are the best SSL products the market has to offer. Consider them premium SSL certs with exclusive features. In terms of trustworthiness and web security, no other type of digital certificate comes close to Extended Validation SSL.

Together with SSL padlock, the EV SSL is the strongest indicator of a secure, professional, and reliable website. The EV SSL sends an instant message to all your visitors that their sensitive data is safe.

EV certificates create a chain reaction that improves credibility, customer trust, and ultimately conversions. On top of that, they protect your websites from harmful phishing attacks and keep your online authority intact.

Not everyone can get an EV SSL certificate. Their unique features are available only to officially registered companies. Each legal business has to submit accurate documentation to the CA and pass a thorough verification process hence the extended validation name. It takes between 1 to 7 business days to receive the EV SSL certificate, but the wait is more than worth it.

How EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates work?

EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates encrypt both your internal and external domains/subdomains under a single SSL installation and a one-time renewal period. To obtain an Extended Validation cert, you need to prove to the CA that your business is legal.

All your paperwork must be accurate and up to date. Even a typo can postpone the certificate issuance. Just like for DV and BV SSL certificates, you have to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and submit it to the CA.

Depending on the SSL company you select, your EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate will contain from 1 to 4 additional domains by default (called SANs). If you need more domains, you can always order additional SANs on the checkout page. For example, with a Sectigo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate, you can secure three domains by default and a maximum of 250 SANs on request.

Let’s say that you want to protect just three domains; here’s what you can encrypt:

Three different domains:

  1. yoursite.com
  2. yoursecondsite.com
  3. yourthirdsite.com

Three different subdomains:

  1. mail.youriste.com
  2. shop.yoursite.com
  3. forum.yoursite.com

Three different domains and subdomains:

  1. yoursite.com
  2. blog.yoursite.com
  3. anothersite.com

To configure your EV Multi-Domain certificate, you must submit the following info about your business in the CSR.

  • The official name of the company (e.g., GPI Holding LLC)
  • The country, city, and state/province where the company is officially located (e.g., US, San Jose, California)

During the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) generation, please include your first domain. For instance, yoursite.com. Right under the CSR text area, in the additional domains’ fields (SANs), specify the rest of domains or subdomains you want to secure. After your SSL provider approves your request and sends the SSL certificate files to your inbox, you can proceed with the installation.