Single Domain Extended Validation SSL Certificates

EV Single Domain SSL is the premium segment of One Domain SSL certificates. It significantly improves the trust level of your website by protecting against phishing attacks. If you’re looking for cheap EV SSL products, Single Domain certs are by the most affordable ones. Since they can secure only one FQDN (fully qualified domain) or subdomain at a time, they cost considerably less than the Multi-Domain EV certificates.

EV Single Domain certificates are a great web security addition for companies that put customers’ satisfaction above all else. Whether you want to secure an e-commerce site, a financial institution, or a large business portal, an EV Single Domain cert will ensure impeccable security standards and happy visitors.

All Single Domain EV certificates also include impressive SSL warranties for your peace of mind. On top of that, they come out of the box with a powerful site seal that you can place anywhere on your site and further improve customer trust. Single Domain EV certs are compatible with 99.3% of web browsers, as well as all the major server platforms and email clients.

What is Extended Validation?

Extended Validation SSL

Extended Validation SSL offers the final proof that a website is authentic and secure. Designed to ensure the highest level of trust, EV certificates contain unique specifications that make them stand out from other types of SSL products.

The EV SSL displays your company’s official name for everyone to see. It sends an instant signal to all your visitors that the website is genuine, professional, and reliable. Upon seeing, the EV SSL Cert visitors will share their sensitive information with you and ultimately improve your conversions.

Another area where an Extended Validation certificate excels is protection against phishing attacks. In this type of cyber-attack, a malicious entity acts as if it is you, and tricks users into opening dangerous email messages. A phishing attack can damage your reputation beyond repair, but it is powerless against an EV SSL Certificate.

Due to their distinct features, EV certs are available only to officially registered companies. Before issuing the EV certificate, the CA performs an extensive check of the applicant’s credentials. Each legal company must submit relevant documentation to the CA and wait up to 7 business day for approval. Up to date paperwork may speed up the validation.

How EV Single Domain SSL work?

EV Single Domain SSL Certificates can secure both the naked version (e.g., and the “www” version of the primary domain ( However, not all EV Single Domain products support this feature. Some certificates will encrypt only the exact name you include in the CSR (Certificate Signing Request). If you type, then you’ll need to redirect the traffic from to and vice versa. Always double-check your certificate’s specs before filling in the CSR.

A Single Domain EV certificate will protect all the pages of your website (e.g.,,, and so one) but it won’t encrypt your subdomains or multiple websites at once. If you want to enable the EV SSL to cover several websites, your only option is a Multi-Domain EV SSL Certificate.

When applying for a Single Domain EV certificate, you must add the following info in your CSR:

  • Your primary domain name (e.g.,
  • Organization name (e.g., GPI Holding LLC)
  • Organizational Unit Name (e.g., IT)
  • Country Name (e.g., US)
  • City or Locality (e.g., San Jose)
  • State or province (e.g., California)
  • A valid Email address

After the CA verifies and approves your request, it will send the SSL Certificate to your email. Your next step is to install it on your server.