Single Domain SSL Certificates

Single Domain or One Domain SSL Certificates secure one fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or subdomain under a sole SSL installation; for example, with a Single-Domain cert, you can protect all the pages of

Some Single domain SSL Certificates cover both the naked version ( and the “www” version of the domain name ( However, certain one domain SSL Certificates cover only the version that you provide in the Certificate Signing Request (CSR). For this reason, before purchasing a one domain SSL Certificate, make sure you read its specifications carefully so that it matches your website’s needs.

Single Domain certificates bring the latest encryption technologies to your site. The SHA 2 algorithm coupled with an unbreakable certificate and key encryptions (up to 256-bit and 2048-bit respectively) offers the ultimate protection against cyber thieves. They are compatible with 99.3% of browsers, major server platforms, and email clients.

The only thing Single Domain certs can’t do is secure multiple websites and/or subdomains. If you run several websites, you need a Multi-Domain SSL Certificate. If you use subdomains to deliver content, you should get a Wildcard SSL product.

Available as Domain Validation (DV), Business Validation (BV), and Extended Validation (EV) certificates, Single Domain SSL products encrypt websites of any category and size. They are perfect for individuals and businesses with just one website.

What is Domain Validation?

Domain Validation Certificates don’t require any paperwork whatsoever. Both individuals and companies can obtain a DV Single-Domain cert in just 5 minutes. To apply for a DV certificate, all you have to do is pass a quick, often automated verification process.

You need to prove that you’re the real owner of the domain you want to protect, and submit a valid email (e.g., contact to your CA. Providing you don’t have any typos in your request, expect to receive the DV cert in under 5 minutes.

DV Single-Domain certificates don’t have sufficient features to offer the highest level of customer trust, but they still provide the latest web security solutions for an amazing price. Besides being cheap, Single Domain products deliver the same high-end encryption as Wildcard and Multi-Domain certificates.

Whether you need to secure a personal site or a complex business project, a DV Single-Domain certificate ensures flawless encryption and happy visitors.

DV Single Domain SSL Certificates

A DV Single Domain certificate is the most affordable and quick option to encrypt your website. SSL Dragon offers a wide range of DV single domain certs to fit any budget and project.

Sectigo Single DV SSL Certificates

Sectigo PositiveSSL is by far the cheapest SSL certificate on the market. It secures one domain and is ideal for basic websites, small businesses, and non-e-commerce usage. Sectigo Positive SSL comes with a $10,000 warranty against potential damages. On top of that, it also includes a static site seal to improve customer trust.

Sectigo Essential SSL is another cheap DV SSL certificate, perfect for personal sites, blogs, online portfolios, and small businesses. It features unlimited server licensing and a $10,000 warranty. Sectigo Essential SSL comes with a static site seal and is compatible with all the popular browsers, server platforms, and email clients.

Sectigo SSL Certificate is a powerful DV SSL certificate with a huge $250,000 warranty. It is ideal for small to medium-sized companies, as well as online stores that use third-party payment processors. Sectigo SSL Certificate comes out of the box with a site seal that you can place anywhere on your web pages and boost customer trust.

Rapid SSL Single DV SSL Certificates

RapidSSL Standard is one of the cheapest SSL certificates, perfect for basic websites, blogs, and small businesses. It includes a $10,000 warranty and a static site seal, as well as unlimited server licensing. RapidSSL Standard is compatible with 99.3% of browsers and runs smoothly on all the major servers and email clients.

Thawte SSL Single DV SSL Certificates

Thawte SSL 123 is a first-class DV cert that secures one domain. It is ideal for e-commerce websites and medium-sized organizations. Featuring a whopping $500,000 warranty, and a dynamic site seal, Thawte SSL 123 is one of the best Single DV product on the market. The multilingual site seal is available in 18 languages and is a great addition to international sites.

Geotrust SSL Single DV SSL Certificates

GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium is a first-rate DV certificate, best suitable for online shops, and organizations. It secures one domain and is backed by a massive $500.000 warranty. GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium also includes a dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing.

What is Business Validation?

Business Validation, also called Organization Validation is a more extensive way to verify the identity of the SSL applicant. Available only to legal businesses, BV SSL Certificates offer a higher level of customer trust and security assurance than DV SSL certificates.

To get a BV Single-Domain certificate, you must send to your Certificate Authority correct and up to date paperwork about your legal company. If your documents match the info from the company register (the official name of the organization, country, city, and state), the CA will sign your certificate and send it to your email in 1 to 2 business days.

BV SSL certificates are a must for e-commerce companies that accept and process credit card payments. They help online stores comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) strict requirements. But that’s not all, a Single-Domain BV Cert also brings more transparency to your business, as any visitor can see your official name upon inspecting the SSL certificate.

All BV Single-Domain certificates also include special site seals to further improve customer trust, as well as nice warranties for the added peace of mind.

BV Single Domain SSL Certificates

Business Validation Single Domain SSL Certificates secure websites owned by officially registered companies. At SSL Dragon, you’ll find the best BV Single Domain certificates in the industry:

Sectigo BV Single Domain SSL Certificates

Sectigo Instant SSL is the cheapest Business Validation SSL certificate. It secures one domain and is ideal for startups, NGOs, and medium-sized companies.  Sectigo Instant SSL comes with a $50,000 warranty and a dynamic site seal to increase customer trust.

Sectigo Instant SSL Premium is an excellent Business Validation SSL solution for e-commerce websites and companies of all sizes. It offers a solid $250,000 warranty against fraudulent issuance and data breaches, as well as a dynamic site seal to boost customer trust.

GeoTrust BV Single Domain SSL Certificates

GeoTrust TrueBusinessID is a first-class SSL product, ideal for e-commerce websites and organizations. It secures one domain and comes out of the box with unlimited server licensing, a $100,000 warranty, as well as a dynamic site seal to further improve customer trust.

What is Extended Validation?

Extended Validation SSL Certificates bring your website exclusive SSL features that massively improve customer trust and visitor’s perception of your online business.

EV certificates enhance credibility, customer trust, and even conversions. Best of all, they are the only type of SSL certs that prevent phishing attacks and keep your reputation intact.

Only officially registered businesses can apply for Extended Validation Certificates. The verification process is complex. Each legal company must provide accurate documentation to the CA and wait up to 7 business days for approval. However, all the wait is nothing compared to the benefits EV SSL offers to your company.

EV Single Domain SSL Certificates

EV Single Domain SSL Certificates offer the highest level of customer trust and exclusive protection against phishing attacks. At SSL Dragon, we’ve put together the best EV Single Domain products on the market.

Sectigo EV Single Domain SSL Certificates

Sectigo PositiveSSL EV is a cheap EV SSL certificate, ideal for online merchants and organizations of any size. It includes a huge $1,000,000 warranty against potential damages, and a dynamic site seal to improve customer trust. Sectigo Positive SSL EV is the most affordable EV Single Domain certificate on the market.

Sectigo EV SSL is a top-notch EV SSL product, featuring a whopping $1,750,000 warranty. It also contains a dynamic site seal that you can place anywhere on your site. Sectigo EV SSL includes unlimited server licensing and is a great security addition to any e-commerce site and organization.

GeoTrust EV Single Domain SSL Certificates

GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV is a premium EV Single Domain certificate, best suitable for e-commerce companies and organizations. It delivers state of the art encryption, as well as a massive $1,500,000 warranty. On top of that, GeoTrust True Business ID EV also includes a dynamic site seal to enhance customer trust.