How to Generate a CSR on CWP

In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate a CSR on CWP (CentOS Web Panel).

Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Initiate the CSR generation

Log into your CWP admin area as a root with provided details.

From the left-hand menu, select Apache Settings, then choose SSL Certificate.

Click on the Generate CSR tab and

Step 2. Fill in your info

Fill in the form as shown below:

  • Common Name (Domain) – enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) you would like to encrypt. If you are activating a wildcard certificate, add an asterisk (e.g. *
  • Country Name (Code) – type the two-letter ISO code of your country of residence.
  • State or Province Name – enter the name of your state or region.
  • City Name – enter the full name of your city or local area. Please avoid using abbreviations.
  • Organization Name –  provide the legally-registered company name. If you do not have an organization, you can enter NA (not available).
  • Organization Unit Name –  enter the name of the department within your organization in charge of SSL management. For example, IT or Web
  • Email Address – provide a valid email address to receive the SSL files from your CA.
  • Valid Days (default 365) – enter the default value 365. This value will not affect the validity period of your certificate.
  • Key Size – select the 2048b bits key size from the drop-down list.

Step 3. Get the CSR

After you’ve filled in the CSR form, click the Generate button.

The system will create two files: the CSR code and the private key. Your CSR code, by default, should be located in the /etc/pki/tls/certs/ folder in a file with the ‘.csr’ extension.

Open the CSR file with a text editor to copy the entire content into your SSL order form. You can locate your private key in the Private Key tab on your CWP dashboard. The Private Key will automatically be saved in the /etc/pki/tls/private/directory.

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