How to Generate a CSR on InterWorx Control Panel

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will show you how to generate a CSR on InterWorx Control Panel. InterWorx allows users to generate a CSR code directly from their accounts, but first, you need to create your Private Key.

Just follow the steps below:

Create a Private Key on InterWorx Control Panel

  1. Log into your SiteWorx Control Panel and navigate to Hosting Features > Domains > SSL
  2. In the main pane, locate the Private Key row, and click on Set up Private key
  3. Next, click the Generate button to create your Private Key

That’s it! You should receive a confirmation message “Private Key is created”.

Once your private key is ready, you can move on to CSR generation.

Generate the CSR on InterWorx Control Panel

Please, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the SiteWorx Control Panel interface, go to Hosting Features > Domains > SSL
  2. In the main pane, next to Certificate Signing Request (CSR) click on Setup CSR
  3. Now, you need to fill in the required fields with your contact details. Use the examples below:
    • 2 Letter Country Code: enter the two-letter code of your country. For instance, US or UK. For more country-code check this website
    • State or Province: specify the state or region where your organization is located. For example, Washington
    • City: write the full name of the city where your organization is legally registered. For example, Seattle
    • Company: provide the full name of your organization. For example, GPI Holding LLC. For a Domain Validation certificate, put NA instead
    • Company Division: specify the unit in charge of web security. For instance, IT or Web Administration. For a Domain Validation certificate, put NA instead
    • Common Name: name the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) you want to secure with an SSL Certificate. For example,
    • E-mail address: provide a valid email address
  4. Double check the info you’ve just entered, and then click Generate

It’s done. Your CSR code is now ready.

You can copy its contents into a text document such as Notepad, and submit it during the SSL Certificate order with your SSL vendor.

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