One Domain Domain Validation SSL Certificates

One Domain

One domain SSL Certificates are issued in order to secure one fully qualified domain or subdomain name under a single certificate. If you purchase a one domain SSL Certificate for, you can only secure all or any pages on Some one domain SSL Certificates cover both, the naked version (, and the “www” version of the domain name ( However some one domain SSL Certificates cover only the version that you provide in the Certificate Signing Request (CSR). For this reason, before purchasing a one domain SSL Certificate, make sure you read its description carefully, so that it matches your website’s needs. One domain certificates are also called “single domain” SSL Certificates. They are available in all three validation types: Domain, Organization and Extended Validation. In this way you can choose the type of validation that fits your website and your business needs best. One domain SSL Certificates are perfect for small and medium businesses which have one single website. If you are planning to operate multiple domains or subdomains, and several websites under one or several companies, then you should look for a Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate or a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Domain Validation SSL

The Domain Validation SSL Certificate (DV SSL) is the most affordable choice for increasing the security of your blog, personal or small business website. Since there is no required paperwork, the process of acquiring the Domain Validation SSL Certificate is very quick and easy: you will have to prove that you are the domain owner just by responding to an automatic e-mail message. After a couple of minutes, you will receive the issued DV SSL certificate which can be installed immediately. Sites with Domain Validation SSL can be identified by the gray padlock that is displayed by most web browsers.This type of SSL certificates is recommended to be used if you need to prove that your site is secured, by having a secured connection. The Domain Validation SSL certificates don’t display the legal entity, as the identity of the website owner is not checked while issuing them. So, if you have an e-commerce website or a site that collects users’ personal data, you should consider buying our Business Validation (BV) or Extended Validation (EV) certificates, which will make your site more trustworthy.