Single Domain Validation SSL Certificates

Single Domain DV SSL certificates are the most popular and affordable type of SSL products. They secure one primary domain (Fully Qualified Domain Name) or a subdomain under a single SSL installation. Anyone can get a DV Single Domain certificate providing they can prove domain ownership.

Single Domain DV certificates are ideal for basic websites, online portfolios, and small businesses. Security wise, they follow the same protocols as the most expensive EV certificates, ensuring high-end encryption to visitors.

All Single Domain DV certificates include solid warranties against false issuance and data breaches. They also take care of your marketing needs. Each DV SSL product features a static or dynamic site seal that you can place on your site to improve customer trust.

With 99.3% browser compatibility, and support across all the major server platforms and email clients, Single Domain DV SSL Certificates will run flawlessly on your website.

What is Domain Validation?

DV Single Domain Certificates verify and confirm only the identity of the website they protect. If you can prove to the CA that you’re the real owner of the site you want to encrypt, the certificate is yours.

Both individuals and companies can get a DV Single Domain cert in just 5 minutes. Most of the SSL providers use an automatic algorithm to verify Domain Validation applicants.

All you have to do is prove domain ownership and provide a working email (e.g., contact to your CA. Unless you have typos or spelling mistakes in your CSR (Certificate Signing Requests), the CA will deliver your certificate faster than it takes to make a cup of tea.

DV Single-Domain certificates lack the exclusive features of EV certificates, and thus can’t offer the highest level of customer trust. However, they still bring you advanced encryption for a great price. Besides being budget-friendly, DV Single Domain certs ensure the same high-security standards as Wildcard and Multi-Domain certificates.

How DV Single Domain SSL work?

DV Single Domain SSL Certificates can secure both “without www” version ( and the “www” version of the domain name ( However, not all DV Single Domain certs have this feature. Some products will encrypt only the version you include in the CSR. If you enter, then you’ll need to redirect the traffic from to and vice versa. Pay attention to your certificate’s specs before generating the CSR.

A Single Domain DV certificate will secure all the pages of your website, but it won’t secure your subdomains or multiple websites at once. If you need to protect several domains or subdomains, install a BV Multi-Domain or Wildcard certificate instead.

When applying for a Single Domain DV certificate, you must specify the following info in your CSR:

  • Your primary domain name (e.g.,
  • Organization name (e.g., NA)
  • Organizational Unit Name (e.g., NA)
  • Country Name (e.g., US)
  • City or Locality (e.g., San Jose)
  • State or province (e.g., California)
  • A valid Email address

After the CA validates your request, it will send the SSL Certificate files via email.