Code Signing SSL Certificates

Code Signing SSL certificates digitally sign downloadable goods such as script, codes and software products. Just like the regular SSL certificates secure web pages from sensitive data thieves, Code Signing certificates guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the digital content you create. Both individual developers and software companies use Code Signing certs to protect their intellectual property and deliver customers a safe product.

When you download and install a program or application, a dialog box usually notifies you whether the software in question is signed by the company X or Y, or isn’t signed by anyone. If it’s signed, it means a Code Signing SSL Certificate protects the code and displays the legal name of the software developer.

On the other hand, if the Code Signing cert is absent, you should think twice before trusting such a program. It may contain malware and malicious viruses that in the best case scenario will steal your sensitive data, while in the worst, will affect your entire OS.

How does Code Signing SSL Work?

The Internet is full of pirated software products that bring viruses to unsuspicious users.  If developers don’t protect their creations with a code signing certificate, it’s a lose-lose situation for both code publishers and their clients.

Without a code signing SSL cert, your software will remain anonymous. An ‘Unknown Publisher’ invites the hackers to inject malware into the source code, and turns the users off. That’s why verifying and authenticating digital apps and programs is a crucial step for any serious developer.

Code Signing SSL Certificates guarantee the legitimacy of the developer’s code (Content Source Authentication) and confirm that it is genuine. (Content Integrity). They employ the high-end Authenticode Technology to protect the original software code from cyber-attacks. If a hacker alters an already signed product, the digital signature will break and notify the client that the software is no longer credible.

The Code Signing certificates follow the latest encryption levels, impossible to hack by humans.  The Authenticode also prevents anyone from distributing digital goods in your name, keeping your reputation intact.

Code Signing products are available as Individual Validation, Business Validation (BV), and Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates. Individual Validation requires personal identification verification of the software owner, while BV validation calls for your company’s official documents. The whole process may take up to 2-3 business days, depending on how accurate and up to date is your paperwork. EV Code Signing certificates offer the highest level of trust and take the longest to obtain, often between 5 to 10 business days.

The Code Signing Certificate secure the following apps, programs, and custom code:

  • freeware
  • middleware;
  • shareware;
  • enterprise applications;
  • device drivers;
  • configuration files;
  • operating systems;
  • OEM software;
  • utility software;
  • web applications;
  • packaged software;
  • any software that distributes code;
  • virus updates;

Code Signing SSL

If you’re looking for a high-quality Code Signing certificate, you’ve come to the right place. SSL Dragon offers budget-friendly and premium Code Signing products to developers and companies of all sizes.

Sectigo Code Signing SSL is a perfect certificate to secure a Windows, Mac, or Linux software. It supports individual and business validation and is compatible with major platforms such as Microsoft, Sun Java, Adobe, Android, and many more. This cheap code signing certificate also includes a static site seal to further improve customer trust. You can get Sectigo Code Signing SSL in 1 to 7 business days.

DigiCert Code Signing SSL, formerly known as DigiCert Code Signing certificate is a premium product, ideal for medium-sized, and large code publishers. It smoothly secures digital goods with the latest encryption technology. It features the highly recognizable Norton Secured powered by DigiCert site seal, as well as a $125,000 warranty in case of fraudulent issuance. You can get DigiCert Code Signing SSL in 1-7 days, as long as your documents are correct.

EV Code Signing SSL

Extended Validation Code Signing certificates offer the ultimate security to your customers and the highest level of trust in your products. They are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit modes, as well as a wide range of file extensions such as .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files, and kernel-mode software. Code Signing EV certs also include hardware token and PIN while signing the code.

Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL is a top-class certificate, perfect for IT companies looking to protect their downloadable goods. It comes with the famous EV, that improves customer trust, and confirms your utmost professionalism and high-security standards. This Code Signing EV certificate runs flawlessly on all the major platforms including Microsoft, Mac, Android, Linux, and many more.

DigiCert Code Signing SSL with EV is a premium product, best suitable for large code publishers and complex software products. This EV code signing certificate is backed by an impressive $125,000 warranty. It is compatible with all the major platforms. DigiCert Code Signing comes out of the box with the Norton Secured Seal, the most recognizable security indicator in the world.

What is Extended Validation

The Extended Validation (EV SSL) is the most extensive and complex method of SSL applicant verification. It takes the longest time to pass but offers by far the best SSL benefits. Only officially registered companies can apply for EV certificates by providing accurate and up to date company documents to the CA. It usually takes a few business days for the CA to verify all your paperwork and sing the EV SSL certificate.

EV code signing certificates significantly improve the trust level of your customers. It encourages clients to use your digital products, and come back for more. This is why Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) Certificates are the most powerful and reputable SSL products on the market.

Desktop Code Signing SSL

Code Signing SSL Certificates run smoothly on various desktop platforms. Below, we present the most popular ones:

Microsoft Authenticode

Code Signing SSL certificates for Microsoft Authenticode protect the integrity of the code by digitally signing it. If a malicious attacker attempts to corrupt the code and changes it, the digital signature will instantly break. The user will receive a warning that the original code may have been altered and isn’t safe to use. Microsoft Authenticode code signing certs come with a pre-installed timestamp and also enable Active X controls, plug-ins, and other executables.

Microsoft Office and VBA

Code Signing Certificates secure VBA projects and office Macros. As a result, third parties can’t alter and tweak the source code, without activating the security alert warnings. Code signing certificates display the publisher’s identity so that the clients know who is responsible for the software’s integrity.


Code Signing SSL can seamlessly secure .jar files, compatible with the Java runtime environment. They work perfectly for both desktop and Netscape objects. Customers can download and use digitally signed Java applications with confidence.

Adobe Air

All Code Signing SSL certificates are compatible with Adobe Air. They can digitally sign .air or .airi files, and display your official name for everyone to see. Code Signing certs for Adobe air protect your reputation and ensure that customers are getting the original product and not a pirated version.

Mobile Code Signing SSL

Code Signing SSL certificates are compatible with all the major mobile operating systems.


Code Signing certs offer complete management control over your Android apps. Besides digitally signing the APK files, they support the reuse of private keys for future updates in Google Play. You can also select an image upload for easy identification. Code Signing SSL certificates are the ultimate security platform to track your application safety record.

Windows Phone

Code Signing SSL certificates digitally sign Windows Phone and Xbox apps and ensure that customers get the original product. They run smoothly on Windows 7.0 and higher versions and offer a pre-installed enrolment process in Microsoft App Hub. Code Signing certs protect the code integrity of the entire Windows Marketplace.

Windows Phone Private Enterprise

If you’re building business apps on Windows platforms, enterprise mobile Code Signing certs are a critical safety element you can’t ignore. Whether you’re distributing Windows phone software for internal use or to corporate clients, a Code Signing certificate is a must. It protects your source code and ensures that customers get an original product and not a pirated software.

Java ME

Java ME (Micro Edition) developers can digitally sign their apps with a DigiCert Code Signing certificate. Both these premium products ensure code authenticity and customer trust. DigiCert certificates are compatible with all the major mobile browsers and operating systems.

BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless)

If you’re using the BREW platform to design CDMA mobile apps, Code Signing certificates will protect your code and reputation. Your customers will instantly know that your app is safe and legit. With a code signing cert, you’ll keep a copy of signed document hash and allow third-party document verification.

All Code Signing Certificates have a maximum validity of two years. At SSL Dragon, you can considerably reduce the price when you buy for multiple years. Our huge collection of high-quality Code Signing Certificates will fit any budget and project.