Code Signing SSL Certificate

Code Signing Certificate

The Code Signing Certificate was specifically developed for increasing the trustworthiness of your software products. Code Signing SSL protects your digital downloadable goods, like scripts or codes, by signing them and guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity. This certification brings a greater level of your customers’ trust, by ensuring them that your content is safe and it belongs to your company. Moreover, the Authenticode Technology guarantees that if the code will be damaged after being signed, the digital signature will break and alert the client that the software is no longer credible. Code Signing Certificates are Business Validation (BV) certificates and they require Certificate Authority’s (CA’s) authentication through providing your company's documents, along with performing domain validation by email. The entire validation process may take up to 2 or 3 business days to issue your Code Signing SSL that will serve as a third party guarantee for the authenticity of your digital goods.