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How to Generate a CSR on Skype for Business?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate a CSR on Skype for Business.

Before generating the CSR, it’s necessary to indicate the service or services you wish to encrypt. You have to do this with the Type argument from the CSR generation command.

Generally, you can use the Default type.

The Default, AccessEdgeExternal, and DataEdgeExternal types are for Edge servers, while the WebServicesExternal and WebServicesInternal types are for web streams.

Here is a list of the most common arguments:

  • AccessEdgeExternal
  • AudioVideoAuthentication
  • DataEdgeExternal
  • Default
  • External
  • Internal
  • iPhoneAPNService
  • iPadAPNService
  • MPNService
  • PICWebService (Skype for Business Online only)
  • ProvisionService (Skype for Business Online only)
  • WebServicesExternal
  • WebServicesInternal
  • WsFedTokenTransfer

To generate the CSR you can use the Request-CSCertificate command. Run it in the powershell:

Request-CsCertificate -New -Type YOUR_TYPES -Organization "Your Organization" -OU “IT” -Country US -State "Arizona"  -City "Phoenix" -FriendlyName "Skype SSL" -KeySize 2048 -DomainName "yourdomain.tld" -PrivateKeyExportable $True -Output C:\yourdomain.tld.csr

You’ll need to replace YOUR_TYPES with the services you want to encrypt, and the rest of the examples with your contact information.

-PrivateKeyExportable $True makes your private key exportable.

If you prefer a graphical interface, another way to generate the CSR code is via an external tool such as our CSR Generator. You’ll receive the certificate and private key files in your email.