This tutorial will show you how to generate a CSR code and install an SSL Certificate on Alteon ADC (application delivery controller). You will also learn a few interesting facts about Alteon, as well as discover the best place to shop for affordable SSL Certificates.

If you’ve already generated the CSR Code and received the necessary SSL files, you can proceed straight to the installation instructions. Use the links below to jump between sections:

Generate CSR on Alteon
Install an SSL certificate on Alteon
Alteon history
Where to buy the best SSL certificate for Alteon?

Generate CSR on Alteon

You can generate your CSR on Alteon in three ways. The quickest one is to use our CSR generator tool and it will automatically generate your CSR and private key for you. All you have to do is access the link and fill in the form with your contact information.

Alternatively, you can create the CSR via Alteon’s web console, or through the command-line interface (CLI)

Generate CSR via the web:

  1. Navigate to Application Delivery > SSL > Certificate Repository and click the + button:
  2. In the Add new Certificate Repository tab, fill in the details as per your requirements.
  3. Your CSR and private key will be created with the ID5. Click on Certificate 5 and then click on the Generate tab in the top-right corner.
  4. Apply and Save. You can now send the CSR to your Certificate Authority.

Generate CSR via CLI:

  1. Open Alteon via SSH/Console and run the following command:
    /cfg/slb/ssl/cert/request <id>
  1. Generate the CSR using the command:
  1. Set the Key type and size along with the hash algorithm. You can leave the default values as well.
  2. After the CSR is generated you can export it using the command /cfg/slb/ssl/cert/export
  3. You can now send your CSR to your Certificate Authority and they will provide you a valid certificate.

Install an SSL certificate on Alteon

After the CA delivers the SSL certificate to your inbox, you can install it on Alteon via the web application or CLI.

Install an SSL certificate via the web:

  1. From Vision management go to Configuration > Application Delivery > SSL
  2. Tick the Enable SSL checkmark
  3. Navigate to Certificate Repository and click on Import (for certificate and key)
  4. Select Type (cert or key or intermediate or cert & key or trusted CA), enter Unique ID, Key Passphrase if applicable.
  5. Click Import from (Text or File) and then Import the file.

Note: Make sure both the key and the cert uses the same ID.

Install an SSL certificate via CLI

Add the private key and certificate using the command: /cfg/slb/ssl/certs/import
Here’s an example:

>> WEBAPPA-B - vADC 3 - Main# /cfg/slb/ssl/certs/import
Enter Component type to import [key|certificate|cert+key|intermca|trustca|2424sslcfg|crl|trustca-gr] [key]: key
Enter component ID: 5
Import from text or file in PEM format [text|file] [text]:
text [in case you would like to import the certificate directly out of a text]
file [in case you would like to import a certificate file]

Alteon history

Alteon, originally known as Alteon Networks is a division of Radware that produces application delivery controllers. An application delivery controller (ADC) is primarily a load balancer in a data center that manages traffic flow to servers. Founded in 1996, Alteon was acquired by Nortel in 2000 and sold to Radware in 2009. In November 2013, Radware announced the Alteon NG, marketed as an application delivery controller. The latest Alteon release is 32.4.x, but the support for configuring and monitoring goes back to 29.5.x version.

Where to buy the best SSL certificate for Alteon?

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If you find any inaccuracies, or you have details to add to these SSL installation instructions, please feel free to send us your feedback at [email protected] Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.