This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to generate a CSR code and install an SSL certificate on Synology NAS. By the end of this extensive article, you will also learn about Synology’s history, and discover the best place to buy an SSL Certificate for your Synology NAS appliance.

Generate a CSR code on Synology NAS
Install an SSL Certificate on Synology NAS
Test your SSL Installation
Synology NAS history
Where to buy an SSL Certificate for Synology NAS?

Generate a CSR code on Synology NAS

When applying for an SSL Certificate, an essential step is to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) code and send it to the CA. The CSR is a block of encrypted text containing your contact details, such as info about your website and company. You can generate it directly in from your Synology account, but first make sure you meet to following requirements:

  • You need to set up a DDNS (Dynamic DNS) to configure your Synology SSL certificate. Here’s the official Synology documentation on DDNS configuration
  • You need to point your registered domain to your DDNS by creating a CNAME record. Here are the official instructions (the 4.1 section)

After you take care of the above prerequisites, you can continue with the CSR generation. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Synology NAS account and go to Control Panel> Security
  2. On the top menu, select Certificate, and then click on the CSR tab
  3. From the Create Certificate page, select Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and click Next
  4. Now, you need to fill in the fields with the following details:
    • Private Key Length: from the drop-down menu select 2048,
    • Common name: specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the website you want to secure. For example,

      Note: If you have a Wildcard certificate, include an asterisk in front of your domain name. For example, *

    • Email: provide a valid email address
    • Country: select your country from the drop-down list. For Business and Extended Validation certificates, specify the country where your company is officially registered. For example, US
    • State/Province: enter the state of residence, or where your company is located. For instance, Florida
    • City: submit yours, or your company’s city of residence. For example, Orlando
    • Organization: enter the official name of your organization. If you have a Domain Validation certificate write NA
    • Department: specify the department managing your SSL Certificate. Usually, it is IT or Web Administration. For DV certs, type NA
  5. Double check all the fields you’ve just completed, and then click Next
  6. On the next page, click Synology will generate and download a ZIP archive on your PC with the following files:
    • csr – your CSR code, required for the SSL activation
    • key – your private key, necessary for SSL installation
  7. Now you can submit the CSR code during your SSL certificate buying order, and wait for the CA to approve your request
  8. After the CA signs your SSL Certificate, and sends the SSL files to your email, you can proceed with the SSL installation.

Install an SSL Certificate on Synology NAS

Before installation, make sure you have the following files:

  • Your primary certificate: the crt file from the ZIP archive you’ve received from your CA via email
  • Intermediate certificate: the bundle file that resides in the same ZIP archive as the primary certificate
  • Private key: the key file you’ve generated along with the CSR code. You can find it in the folder you’ve downloaded during the CSR generation.

Follow the steps below to install your SSL Certificate:

  1. Log into your Synology account and navigate to Control Panel, then Security > Certificate
  2. In the Certificate tab, click Add. A new window will pop up. Select Add a new certificate then click Next
  3. In the next window, select the Import certificate option and check the Set as default certificate You may leave the Description field blank, or enter a name for your certificate to differentiate it from other ones if you have several SSL certs running. Click Next
  4. In the Import Certificate Files window, upload your SSL certificate files. Click browse to select your private key, primary certificate, and intermediate certificate. After you select the SSL files click, OK
  5. If your upload is successful, your Synology NAS will restart automatically
  6. Congratulations! Now, you know how to install an SSL certificate on Synology NAS.

Force a secure connection

You can force an HTTPS connection when accessing your server. Follow the steps below to do it:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network > DSM Settings
  2. Select Automatically redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS option (Web Station and Photo Station excluded)
  3. Click Apply.

That’s it. Now, you will connect only via the HTTPS protocol.

Test your SSL installation

After you install an SSL Certificate on Synology NAS, it’s always wise to scan your new installation for potential errors or vulnerabilities, just to be on the safe side of things. With this powerful SSL tools, you can get instant reports on all facets of your SSL Certificate and its configuration.

Synology NAS history

Synology is a Taiwanese manufacturer of Network-Attached Storage (NAS) appliances. Founded in 2000, Synology is long time maker leader in the home and small-business NAS niche.

Synology’s NAS is available as the DiskStation for desktop models, FlashStation for all-flash models, and RackStation for rack-mount models.

Here are several important Synology milestones:

  • January 2000 – Synology Inc. is founded
  • March 2004 – Synology launches the first ever DiskStation DS-101
  • April 2008 – The company releases the first DiskStation to feature 5-bays
  • October 2015 – Synology launches its first router
  • November 2016 –Synology releases its first all-flash NAS

Where to buy an SSL Certificate for Synology NAS?

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If you find any inaccuracies, or you have details to add to these SSL installation instructions, please feel free to send us your feedback at [email protected]. Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.